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Next Generation Gaming, your full service distributor of charitable gaming needs in the State of North Dakota! From jar tickets to pull tabs to the best pull tab dispensing machines and electronic pull tab machine on the market, if you need it, we carry it.

As most of you know, Randy Fincher, Jay O’Connor, Perry Piatz, Janet Mueller and I have pooled our 50+ years of gaming experience into our new company. We are excited to announce that Jon Jorgensen has joined our team. As we take this amazing new adventure into Electronic Pull Tabs with you. Our 5 qualified technicians are Sean Gallier, Brad Starck, Dustin Fincher, Kari Lindblom and Lucas Callahan. This team will be led by our Master Technician, Josh Phillips. Our support staff include Warehouse Manager, Joe Carney and for Electronic Billing, Michelle Welder.  We made a promise before we opened our doors: we are going to give our customers the best possible service hands-down! We look forward to sitting down and talking with you about everything new and exciting that is going on in gaming, both here in North Dakota and around the country.

We will start out with salesmen who will be traveling throughout North Dakota. Expect to see your rep on a regular basis to answer questions and bring you new ideas. You also can call on Janet our most experienced manager anytime you have a gaming question. So whether you want someone at your location, or just an expert a phone call away, you always will get what you need, when you need it, from our awesome NG Gaming staff.

After carefully considering our shipping options we have chosen UPS as our partner. Their reliability and affordable, speedy service really puts them out in front of the competition.

Gaming, like most other industries, is constantly changing. Whether it’s improvements in technology, new ways to use traditional and social media to advertise, or new ideas on placement and presentation, gaming strategies are constantly evolving. I think that’s what I’m excited about most in our new company; combining our experience of traditional techniques with the cutting edge tactics and ideas that keep moving this industry forward.

Thanks again for our past relationship. We look forward to building upon that with this transition to NG Gaming. Expect Randy, Jay, Perry and myself to follow up with a call to discuss this exciting transition directly.

But hey, talk is cheap. Let us prove what we can do for you. I love gaming. But I’m in business to help you with your gaming needs.

Michael Lorz

Meet The Team

Mike Lorz



Janet Mueller

Office Manager


Joe Carney

Warehouse Manager


Jay O'Connor

Vice President


Michelle Welder

Electronic Billing


Randy Fincher

Sales / Business development


Perry Piatz

Sales / Business development


Jon Jorgensen

Sales / Business development


Josh Phillips

General Manager


Sean Gallier



Kari Lindblom

Sales / Business development


Brad Starck



Dustin Fincher



Lucas Callahan